Gluconato de sodio
       Sodium Gluconate
       Corn starch
       Modified Starch
       Corn gluten meal
       Corn fiber
       Gluconic acid
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    Welcome to our shandong fuyang company!    Data:2015-05-27

    Shandong fuyang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise    Data:2015-05-27

    The first company shandong fuyang trehalose exports in China    Data:2015-05-30

    gluconolactone,GDL,Glucono-未-lactone    Data:2015-06-06

    sodium glucoante    Data:2016-01-09

    modified starch    Data:2015-06-20

    gluconic acid    Data:2015-07-04

    2015 shandong fuyang Summary report    Data:2015-07-11

    China sodium gluconate    Data:2016-06-30

    sodium gluconate maufacture    Data:2015-11-24

    sodium gluconate used in concrete additives    Data:2016-02-14

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