Gluconato de sodio
       Sodium Gluconate
       Corn starch
       Modified Starch
       Corn gluten meal
       Corn fiber
       Gluconic acid

Corn Gluten Meal is based on corn (Non-GMO) as the raw material. Through Cleaning, steeping, separate starch and protein, drying, packing and other necessary process to extract protein from corn. The finished product is protein-rich corn gluten meal. Because of its high protein contents, in recent years, it is widely used as feed to increase protein or carrier for feed premix which helps to increase illness resistance function .it is an excellent source of protein of livestock and feed industries.

Corn gluten meal is a digestible, protein-rich feed, derived from corn kernels after the majority of starch and germ have been separated during milling. It naturally contains xanthophylls, which aids the coloring of animal feeds, and the amino acid methionine.

Corn gluten meal is used in dry pet foods as well as salmon and aquaculture feeds. It is an excellent feed ingredient for dairy cattle, providing a high level of rumen-protected protein. The high xanthophylls content makes it particularly valuable as a pigmenting ingredient in poultry feeds.

Nutrition and benefit for animals:

1) Golden yellow from Non GMO corn material

2) Assisting birds and domestic animals to grow and disease-resisting for birds and domestic animals

3) Perfect additive for stockbreeding and feedstuff industry, easy to absorb.

4) With distilled natural yellow pigment

5) Containing abundant Protein and Amino acid

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