Gluconato de sodio
       Sodium Gluconate
       Corn starch
       Modified Starch
       Corn gluten meal
       Corn fiber
       Gluconic acid

Corn fiber is a protein-rich and cellulose-rich product which extract from high quality maize, with the process of steeping, degerming, grinding, gluten separation and condensing the gluten liquid, drying it. Corn spraying fiber is sprayed amino acid, sugar, vitamin, salt and other contents on the corn fiber, guarantee the full absorption of the animal gastrointestinal tract, promote metabolism, and is widely used as animal feed.

This product compared with other plant protein raw materials has the following characteristics:

1: high color, natural color natural. Good color, the appearance of the material out of good ..

2: high energy, absorption speed, low energy consumption, difficult to saturation, and promote animal growth.

3: smell strong, good taste. Suitable for a variety of feed protein and energy supplement.

4: digestibility of more than 90%.


Dry Matter 90% Crude Protein 17-18% Crude Fat 1.1%

Crude fiber 7.1% Crude ash 7.5% Calcium 0.24%

Phosphorus 1.08% Salt 0.3%

Corn Gluten Feed 18% 

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