Gluconato de sodio
       Sodium Gluconate
       Corn starch
       Modified Starch
       Corn gluten meal
       Corn fiber
       Gluconic acid

Glucono delta lactone(GDL) USP26 FCCIV can be used as protein coagulant, sour agent, leavening agent, preservative and used in the production of cosmetic and toothpaste.

It is white crystal or crystalline powder, breaks down at about 153℃, easily soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethyl alcohol, insoluble in ethyl ether.

Use: Raw material for flavoring agent, tofu coagulant, PH reducing agent, and leavening agent.

I. Tofu coagulant

  Tofu produced by GDL is white and tender, no bitter taste, no protein loss.

II. Gelling agent for dairy products

  Mainly used in the production of yogurt or cheese.

III. Quality improver

  GDL can be used in pork luncheon meat and canned pork, to improve the effect of colorant.

IV. acidifying agent

  GDL can be used in fruit syrup or jelly with flavors as vanilla extract, chocolate, banana, etc.

  In addition, GDL can be used dairy products as chelating agent, used in beer industry, etc.

CAS No.:
Molecular weight:
White crystalline powder, almost odourless
Assay(as C6H10O6):
99.0% min.
0.03% max.
Reducing substances:
0.5% max.
Heavy metals(as Pb):
20ppm max.
Lead(as Pb):
10ppm max.
Arsenic(as As):
3ppm max.
Calcium(as Ca):
0.03% max.
Chloride(as Cl):
0.02% max.
Particle size:
Be adjustable
25kg net paper bag
About 22mt net per 20’ FCL without pallet
About 20mt net per 20’ FCL with pallet

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